Welcome to

Green Country of Oklahoma

Let us show you the beautiful area around Northeastern Ok and the Arkansas River valley as you float with the soft breezes.   View birds flying beneath your basket.  Spot other wildlife in its natural habitat.  Usually the sky around you will be filled with a bouquet of multi-colored balloons. 

See miles and miles in every direction from high above the Oklahoma Tundra.  Catch breathtaking vistas as you drift over the sometimes  rugged terrain just missing the tops of tall trees or skimming over the surface of ponds. 

A Hot air Affair gets a new look!

Same great service and pricing, just a new look. Browse through our new site and Contact us to let us know what you think. We're glad you stopped by!

Easily accessible from anywhere in Green Country.  Experience as thousands before you who have enjoyed the ā€œsport of kingsā€